Access Control

484018299Our access control platform seamlessly integrates with our security systems and is ideal for nearly any application and system size. From a single door lock with only a handful of users to a multi-door, multi-location system network with thousands of users, our access control solutions are tailored to suit your company’s needs and scale as your business grows.

Instant Alerts Anywhere, Anytime

Get Automatic notifications on your phone.

Our access control platform automatically triggers its behavioral alarms and sends an immediate notification via e-mail or SMS message to improve your security personnel’s response times to incidents in your building. Every second counts.

Know Who is Where and When

Track card users in real-time

Quickly locate card users based on their last scanned location or run activity reports on an ID card, user, key fob, keypad, card reader, fingerprint scanner, or across an entire system to see who was in your facility and when they were there.

Professional Grade Access Control Equipment

We offer a wide range of access control and security system equipment to help protect your employees and sensitive company assets. A properly installed access control system can be one of the most integral assets in safeguarding your business’s bottom line.