Casino & Hotel

183628592Galasso Security is an industry leader in casino surveillance and security camera solutions.

Our enterprise-class network video solutions are designed for larger casinos to accommodate several hundred to several thousand surveillance cameras. Casino Enterprise-class solutions include our Virtual Software Switch and Incident Management Reporting software.

For smaller casino operations, we offer stand-alone casino grade DVRs as a direct replacement for analog VCRs without compromising features or functionality delivering 30 FPS at D1 resolution to meet gaming requirements.

Our casino security DVR solution includes the following feature rich options:

  • Behavior recognition software
    • Real-Time alarm on unattended object detection
    • Real-Time alarm on missing object detection
    • Real-Time alarm on objects that pass between predefined regions
  • Forensic analysis software
    • Smart missing object search in archived video
    • Object counter
  • Virtual Software Switch
    • View/Manage 100s of DVRs & 1000s of Security Cameras
    • Fully Customizable Interface for Each Operator
  • Incident Management Reporting Software
    • Evidence Gathering, Reporting
    • Risk Management

For more information about our Casino Security Cameras & CCTV Surveillance Solutions call 844-669-2824 or request a quote.